Julie Trottier


Julie Trottier

Julie obtained her master's degree in applied mathematics in France. After developing optimization algorithms for a few years in Paris, Julie decided to move to Quebec in 2008.

She worked for 14 years in the software industry as an analyst, product manager, and project manager.

In 2016, she became interested in personal finance by discovering the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early). The tools offered by Retraite Québec, banks, or others were not precise and advanced enough for her taste, so she decided to create her own retirement planning tool in Excel. She self-taught herself about taxation and followed the MOOC "Financial and Tax Literacy Open to All" from UQTR. Her favorite readings are "The Guide to Tax Measures" from CFFP (Chaire en Fiscalité et en Finances publics) as well as the document "Give Meaning to Your Finances," in addition to all the information available on the websites of the Government of Canada and Retraite Québec.

In 2018, after a financial planner told her that she no longer needed him and that the tool he used was not as advanced as hers, Julie decided to offer her Excel file to individuals.

In 2021, professionals discovered her tool and started using it for their clients.

Therefore, in 2022, she obtained her licenses and became a representative in collective savings to allow her to accompany families towards their financial independence, in a more personalized way.

She now works full-time on the continuous improvement of the RetirePlan solution and towards the support for its users.